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Shipping and Payment Information


Payment may be made via PayPal, personal check, cashiers check, or USPS Money Order. We always strive to keep all advertised coins available. However, we may sell an item listed on this website on another forum. While we try to keep our offerings up to date, items listed on are not guaranteed to be available.


Returns are permitted within 7 days from the time you receive the item, as long as you have not removed it from the holder or damaged it in any way. We recommend you insure all returns to prevent loss. Since shipping is free to you, we cannot refund the shipping costs you incur during the return process.


All coins are shipped via USPS Priority Mail small flat rate box. Shipping will be made to U.S. addresses and U.S. Territories only. We will not sell or ship to overseas addresses. Additionally, we will not ship to an address differing from that on your PayPal account. Your PayPal account address will be the only address to which we ship, and that address must be confirmed. Any violation of these policies will void the sale.